2 RETAILER HALL OF FAME 2019 Letter from the Editor Single-Store Independent Inductee CATHY CALHOUN The Royersford, Pennsylvania jeweler known as “The Queen” opens her vault of incredible stories and expertly selected antique jewelry. Single-Store Independent Inductees DAVID & JULIA GARDNER The College Station, Texas natives have utilized their complementary skill sets to carve out a niche in their hometown. Multi-Store Independent Inductees JUDY & STEVE PADIS The Padises weren’t raised in the industry but have managed to create a thriving, multi-gen- erational family business completely on their own terms. Special Feature UNCORKING NEW OPPORTUNITIES A handful of retailers are lending their talents to the wine and spirits industry, running wineries and even a bourbon bar. Past Honorees Ad Index Final Thoughts A GREAT LEADER IS … Columnist Peter Smith returns with a collection of favorite quotes, this time on leadership. WHAT’S INSIDE 4 8 16 24 32 40 47 48 2019 RETAILER HALL OF FAME