b'SHOWSTHE LAB- 5 RETAILTHEWRAP-UPWENTGROWNTRENDS SWEET DARK QUESTION SPOTand they have to put them somewhere consumers can see them.es declined continuously from May 2018 before stabilizing in early 2019. The recommended terms are: laboratory-grown, laboratory-creat- Late in the year, lab-grown diamond prices actually increased as ed or [manufacturer name]-created.the holiday season got underway and consumer demand picked up. Cultured is acceptable as well, but it has to be immediatelyGolan said traders had solid sales to start the year and prices re-accompanied, with equal conspicuousness by one of the three termsmained stable from December, except for a weakness in smaller goods. above; it cannot stand alone. In March, COVID-19 brought the lab-grown diamond business to a When the word diamond appears by itself, it still means a minedstandstill, leaving the wholesale transaction price list unchanged for Q1, ex-diamond, the Jewelry Guides state. cept for the aforementioned weakness in smaller goods, which Golan said is an accurate reflection of the trade in the market during the quarter.THE VALUE DISCUSSIONIn the long term, he says he expects lab-grown diamond costs to There is much chatter in the industry about how lab-grown diamondsdecline because they are a technology-driven product.wont be worth anything in the future and, like the category overall, itsImproved efficiencies and growing competition will drive down a topic that releases a flood of questions without a raft of answers.prices, just like they did with flat-screen TVs, which once cost thou-Value is subjective and ever-changing, and its nearly impossible tosands and now can be picked up for $300. predict whats something going to be worth in the future with 100This prediction begs one final question of the market, and that is: percent accuracy.Do consumers care how much their diamonds, whether natural or Will lab-grown diamond prices go the flat-screen TV route, withlab-grown, will be worth in the future? prices plummeting as manufacturing technology improves and grow- When they pick out that diamond pendant as a pat on the back ers pump out more and more identical stones?for a promotionor their engagement ring, for that matterare Will there be a lab-grown diamond company that rises to the top,they viewing it as an investment, something they can bank on later if positioning itself as a premium brand that can charge a higher price?they need cash? Or are they just after the look that suits their taste And, how will the mass presence of lab-grown diamonds on theand budget right now? market impact the price of natural diamonds in the long run, if at all?Its yet another question for which theres no answer currently, If we can grow diamonds above-ground, will diamonds from belowthough Golan can offer an observation based not on his price list, but ground become less special in the eyes of the consumer, or more? on conversations hes had about the market. Golan, the industry analyst, has been tracking wholesale transac- If anything, I think that in lab-grown diamonds, there is no val-tion prices of lab-grown diamonds since May 2018, right around theue-retention discussion among consumers, he says. Instead, con-time De Beers dropped the Lightbox bomb.sumers are eyeing value of purchasegetting as much of a diamond His data shows that in response to Lightboxs low-price structure, pric- for as little as possible.SUPPLIER DIRECTORY OFLAB-GROWN DIAMOND COMPANIESThis A-to-Z guide lists suppliers of lab-grown diamonds based in the United States and abroad. For more information on an individual company, visit its website. Aarush Diam Chatham Eco Grown Diamondhttps://aarushdiam.com https://www.chatham.com https://www.ecogrowndiamond.comAdornet JewelsCreated Diamonds Company Limited Eco Light Diamondshttps://adornetjewels.com https://www.createddiamonds.com https://www.ecolightdiamond.comAltrCrysdiam Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. EcoBrilliance Pvt. Ltd. https://www.altr.nyc http://www.cn-jingzuan.com/en/index.asp https://www.indiamart.com/eco-brilliance-ltdAmipi Inc.D.N. Jewels Ecostar Diamondhttps://www.amipi.com http://www.dnjewels.com https://www.ecostardiamond.comAtash Star Impex Decent Lab Grown Diamond Co.Ethereal Green Diamond (HK) Ltd.https://in1227965319mjrh.fm.alibaba.com https://decentstone.com https://www.etherealdiamond.comBenchmark Wedding Rings Diabon LLP Fenix Diamonds LLChttps://www.benchmarkrings.com https://www.diabon.co https://fenixdiamonds.com/homepageBlumoon Diamonds DiamSpark Flawless Allure Grown Diamondshttps://blumoondiamonds.com https://www.diamspark.com https://www.flawlessallure.comClassic Grown Diamonds DRC Dia Tech Frederick Goldman Inc. and Love Earth Jewelry https://www.classicgrowndiamonds.com https://www.facebook.com/drcdiatechhttps://loveearthjewelry.com24 MARKET ISSUE 2020'