b'SHOWSTHE LAB- 5 RETAILTHEWRAP-UPWENT GROWNTRENDS SWEET DARK QUESTION SPOTRETAIL TRENDSON OURRADARFrom offering immersive micro- experiences to fostering safe andcomfortable spaces, retailers acrossindustries must keep getting creative to remain relevant to consumers.BY LENORE FEDOWAt this very moment, there are more avenues for buying jewelry than ever before.From local family-owned jewelers, retail jewelry chains, and big-box stores to direct-to-consumer brands, vintage jewelry purveyors, and Etsy sellers, countless options existThe interior of M. Flynn, the Boston jewelry store run by for finding that special something. sisters Megan and Moria Flynn In a sea of sellers, how does any one retailer stand out? Whats the retail equivalent of standing on a chair, flailing your arms about and shouting, Me! Over here!?In search of answers, National Jeweler spent two days at the National Retail Federations annual convention held in New York, an event known as Retails Big Show. We also consulted jewelers and dedicated jewelry industry experts to pinpoint the most buzzed-about trends in retail. 26 MARKET ISSUE 2020'