b'4 SHOWSTHE LAB- 5 RETAILTHEWRAP-UPWENT GROWNTRENDS SWEET DARK QUESTION SPOTHEALTH & SAFETYAs retailers and consumers alike grap- with masks, gloves and alcohol pads available.ple with returning to physical stores in theAll employees are wearing masks and wake of COVID-19, cleanliness and safetythere is a check-in sheet so employees can have become of paramount importance. keep track of who comes into the store.At the height of the pandemic, essen- Another element customers may want tial retailers like pharmacies and gro- to see is spaced-out seating areas, said cery stores were limiting the number ofPeter Smith, noting retailers with smaller customers allowed inside at one time andspaces may need to get creative.putting marks six feet apart on the floorM. Flynn, a Boston jewelry store run by to encourage social distancing. sisters Megan and Moria Flynn, is doing In the wake of the pandemicand withexactly that, drafting plans to asecond wave of COVID-19 not out ofrearrange its store set-up the questionall retailers will need toNeed an on-brand way tobefore welcoming back demonstrate the steps they are taking todispense hand sanitizerits customers.prioritize the health and safety of bothin the store? In April,Priorities for the new Gem-Water, the seller of customers and employees. the crystal-carrying waterlook include creating We have a responsibility to psycholog- bottles, came out with Themore space and private Happiness Dispenser, which ically communicate to customers that thisholds 10 ounces of handmeeting areas as well as is a safe place to be, National Jeweler col- sanitizer, soap or lotion. freshening up the store.umnist Peter Smith said during a webinarThe sisters broke down on retail held in late April.the changes in an Instagram Live Shoppers may be on the fence aboutsession broadcast in the spring, updating coming into a store, he said, and the mea- customers on the stores reopening plans.sures retailers takeor do not takewillFor the foreseeable future, custom-convince them one way or the other. ers may visit by appointment only in an Customers will want to see masks,effort to provide a comfortable atmo-hand sanitizer and social distancing mea- sphere for shoppers.sures in place. I think that were both really excited Theyll also want to know the jewelryto actually be able to put a little bit more theyre trying on is clean.time in with our customers instead of hav-Sherry Smith, also a National Jewelering a lot of people in at once, so we can columnist and fellow guest on the AprilShoppers may be on thereally focus on people when they are in webinar, suggested wiping down jewelryfence about coming intohere, Moria said during the live stream.right in front of customers before handingUpon its reopening, Panowicz Jewelers it to them, and then cleaning it again whena store, and the measuresadopted a similar appointment-only policy to they hand it back. retailers takeor do notlimit store traffic and ensure staff has time to In a presentation during Jewelers of Amer- properly clean the space before welcoming inicas second annual National Convention,takewill convince them another customer.taken online and held in May this year due toone way or the other. Weve suspended while-you-wait watch COVID-19, jewelers ran down the list of pre- batteries and jewelry cleanings, and instead cautions theyre taking to keep customers safe. require clients to leave their pieces for up to Chad Berg, president of Lee Michaels Fine72 hours to make sure we can take extra pre-Jewelry, said the company has stations set up throughout its storescautions, Corvin said in May, though she acknowledged that could for cleaning jewelry. change as Washington state moves through the phases of reopening.When someone walks in, we are taking everybodys temperature,In line with state mandates, staff members are wearing masks said Berg, adding customers have complied with the request. and offering them and hand sanitizer to customers, and keeping the Lee Michaels stores also have a table of cleaning supplies set up in front,jewelry sanitized.Continued on page 3230 MARKET ISSUE 2020'