b'LETTER FROM THE EDITOR120 Broadway, Suite 2820 | New York, NY 10271 | www.nationaljeweler.comT he issue you are about to read orig- EDITOR-IN-CHIEF inally was slated for publication in early May. It was designed as a pre- Michelle Graffview of the Las Vegas shows, but this year, asmichelle.graff@nationaljeweler.com | 212-687-2758everyone knows, market week didnt happen. EDITORIALSo, we did what so many of you have overSenior Editor, Gemstones Brecken Branstratorthe past several monthswe adapted andbrecken.branstrator@nationaljeweler.com | 212-687-2763overhauled, evaluating which parts of theSenior Editor, Fashion Ashley Davisissue needed to change in order to reflect theashley.davis@nationaljeweler.com | 646-658-5802current reality, and which we could keep.Associate Editor, News Lenore FedowIn her original article, Senior Editor,lenore.fedow@nationaljeweler.com | 646-658-5808Gemstones Brecken Branstrator wroteCONTRIBUTORSabout what retailers could expect when theyCopy Editor Peggy Jo Donahuetouched down in Las Vegas this year.Design and Layout Weswen DesignFor her revised story, she turned to trade show executives, exhibitors and retailers to ask: Where do large gatherings go from here? MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONSRead her story on page 8. Director of Marketing & CommunicationsMeanwhile, Senior Editor, Fashion Ashley Davis brings us a story aboutMolly Fallon | mfallon@jewelers.organother trade show, one that doesnt happen in Las Vegas.Digital Content CoordinatorMelee is a biannual, design-centric show held at The High Line Hotel inEmily Russo | erusso@jewelers.orgNew York. It is emerging as that mythical unicorn of trade shows, DavisSALESwritesone that is affordable to independent designers while not sacrificingU.S. Sales | Bobbie Hamburgthe intimacy and luxury setting found at the industrys more upscale shows. bobbie.hamburg@nationaljeweler.com | 610-716-1225And it might turn out to be just the type of show experience best suited toIndia Sales | Bhupal Potdar survive in a post-pandemic world.bhupalpotdar@gmail.com | +91 - 98211 51035Read all about it in her article on page 34. EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARDTurning away from trade shows, Associate Editor, News Lenore FedowCathy Calhoun, Calhoun Jewelersdetails the retail trends she took away from the National Retail FederationsBill Farmer Jr., Farmers Jewelryannual conference, held in New York in January, plus what shes learned fromKaren Goracke, Borsheimsthe retailers whove reopened their stores as of this writing. Steve Padis, Padis JewelersHer story is on page 26. Craig Rottenberg, Longs JewelersLastbut hopefully not leastis my story on lab-grown diamonds.In it, I attempted to take a broad, unbiased view of the market. The idea behind the story was this: Lab-grown diamonds are here to stay. Here are the pros, here are the cons, and here is what retailers need to know if they want to stock grown stones in their stores.Read my story on page 16.We hope you enjoy this issue. Stay safe and happy. PRESIDENT & CEODavid J. BonaparteBOARD OF DIRECTORSHolly Wesche, Chair, Wesche Jewelers Caryl Capeci, Chow Tai Fook North America Michelle Graff Robert F. Moeller II, Chair-Elect,Ronda Daily, Bremer JewelryEditor-in-ChiefR.F. Moeller Jewelers Peter Engel, Fred Meyer JewelersKaren Goracke, Vice Chair, Borsheims Elise Greenberg, Greenbergs JewelersColeman Clark, Vice Chair,Camile Hannoush, Hannoush JewelersB.C. Clark Jewelers Simon Katz, Simons JewelersCraig Rottenberg, Treasurer,Lenny Kramer, Leo Schachter DiamondsLongs Jewelers Chuck Kuba, Iowa DiamondMatthew Rosenheim, Secretary,Joseph Molfese, Bella Cosa JewelersTiny Jewel Box Steve Padis, Padis JewelersMercedes Abramo, Cartier North America Stan Razny, owner, Razny JewelersMike Alexander, Jewelers Mutual Tobey Ritchie, Harry RitchieChad Berg, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Steve Velasquez, Madison JewelersLawrence Bock, Bachendorfs4 MARKET ISSUE 2020 David Bouffard, Signet Jewelers Ltd.'