b'PHYSICALWHY DEISMALLGETTING RETAILSMATTERS MINERSPOLITICALFUTURE STRUGGLE IN PUBLIC ASM AND THE COVID-19IMPACTThe pandemic slowed activity for a majority of the market and left the mostvulnerable sectors of the colored stone supply chain in a dire situation. BY BRECKEN BRANSTRATORA citrine and turquoiseT he colored gemstone market is a global one, and its supply chain, ring by Susan Wheeler Designexpansive. Stones travel across numerous borders and through many hands before they wind up set in a piece of jewelry that eventually gets nestled in the corner of a consumers jewelry box.When the COVID-19 pandemic hitclosing borders, stopping travel, holding up shipping and canceling trade showsit drastically hampered trading. It has affected all segments of the industry, from mining to cutting and manufacturing, to wholesale and retail, and brought the market to a halt.For the most vulnerable segments of the supply chainlike the miners who depend on what they dig up each day to bring food home to their familiesthe effects of COVID-19 have been far-reaching and devastating, creating a situation thats not going to go back to normal anytime soon.52 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2020'