b'PHYSICALWHY DEISMALLGETTING RETAILSMATTERS MINERSPOLITICALFUTURE STRUGGLE IN PUBLIC causes, and decided to let her social mediaThis is the most likely period for blunders, followers know.so companies would do well to work in a timely Shes been a philanthropist all of her adultfashion but, first and foremost, work thought-life and only recently felt comfortable mixingfully so they can begin to formulate realistic her personal life with her brand on her socialplans and avoid being performative or virtue platforms, Lowitz says. By doing so, shes notON DOUBLE-CHECKINGsignaling.only raising much-needed funds for causes sheBEFORE POSTING: cares about, but also letting people get to knowSometimes I read things thatSO YOU MESSED UPher and feel more connected to her brand. brands post and I think, howAdjusting to this new normal style of com-the Lord did that get approved?munications has left many brands struggling WHAT NOT TO DO But I think its often a matterand making mistakes. Both Krupp and Lowitz agree the worst wayof people moving too quicklySome offenses have been more egregious, to feed the beast.a brand can handle criticism online is to attempt Cindy Krupplike internal company complaints gone public to silence it.about racism or inequity. Brands that have been in their own bubbleMore commonly, many had a hard time grasping the right messaginghave been insidiousspeak-that was thoughtful and genuinelying out about diversity issues sincere [in recent months], saysSaks posted an eight-slidewhile featuring mostly white message to its Instagram Krupp. When they were called out,account on June 8.models in marketing, for ex-rightfully so, they deleted commentsSigned by President Marcample, or reposting content Metrick, the message or pushed back to defend themselves.outlines the retailerson Instagram that turned This, in my opinion, is a form ofplans for increasingout to be controversial or diversity in staff, mishandling the situation.advertising and product. offensive. Lowitz adds: Editing negativeExperts say its not the comments has been a real miss. Its difficult for a com- time to get defensive. pany when theyre being called out for past behaviors orInstead, assess, apologize, held accountable for inaction, but its far worse when theand change.less-than-rosy comments get deleted and its noticed by theOwn it, Krupp advises. community. It reads as cowardly and silences other voices. Companies that miss Moving on with business as usual during a time of intensethe mark need to come racial or social strife is another no-go, even if a brand hasout with a statement of chosen not to speak on issues.apology and be clear how Companies should consider limiting posts during certaintheyre going to make the moments, like the height of the protests in the couple ofnecessary changes.weeks following George Floyds death, or toning downWith all eyeballs on certain content amid economic uncertainty.social at this time, I be-The tone-deaflieve its more important posts of indulgence andthan ever that a brand be abundance during thecandid about where they pandemic are pretty hardhave stumbled and clearly to swallow, Lowitz says.identify their plans to do betterJune was a tough month for many When speaking out, compa- brands but I truly believe it was a time of great reckoning and it ON STARTING A nies need to be sure to do theirkicked off a movement that will create great change, and that was NEW CHAPTER research before jumping to post.very much needed.Strive to be fearless. I think when pressure mountedLowitz recommends approaching damage control comprehensively. If you have somethingin March with the pandemic, andYou have to work on two tracks: What can I do now to make to say, say it withoutthen in June for BLM, some brandsvisible changes in the short term, and what do I need to do to make worry of who youwere quick to address the landscapelong-term, lasting changes in the brands DNA?might alienate or ifon their platforms, yet hadnt hadShe shares Krupps optimism about starting a new chapter in you might not make a sale. That controver- the time to necessarily develop stra- which brands participate in difficult-yet-meaningful conversations sial point-of-view maytegic messaging for the weeks andabout important issues. actually attract newmonths to come, Krupp notes.Strive to be fearless, she says. If you have something to say, customers who alignEventually, plans were setsay it without worry of who you might alienate or if you might not with your values. Jen Lowitz and messaging was refined, butmake a sale. That controversial point-of-view may actually connect in these initial moments, it wasyou on a deeper level with your existing community and attract new challenging to get footing. customers who align with your values. 66 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2020'