b'AODNJ3-19_Layout 15/13/199:50 AMPage 1that were allegedly overvalued and marketing them as good investments. One of the causes of action in the lawsuit that Brees prevailed on was breach of fiduciary duty, as the court found that Moradi had essentially become an investment adviser by giving Brees advice on what to buy, which is something industry experts say to avoid.Jewelers Vigilance Committee President Tiffany Stevens said in general, JVC advises against making promises about how much jewel-ry and gemstones will be worth in the future. Everyone has to make their own business decisions about how they are doing their own branding and marketing but, from our point of view, we would advise against people speculating on future value.If you do something that seems like youre guaranteeing it, you could really get yourself in hot water if youre viewed as an investment adviser.Bronstein, a diamond dealer, asserts he has never had to make a hard sell on any natural col-ored diamond. It is the customers connec- Nobody, at any tion to the stonethe way thelevel, should buy a natural beauty speaks to him ornatural diamond herthat makes all the differ-ence, he says. or natural colored Born in the Bronx, Bron- diamond, whether stein got his start as a colored$1,000 or $15 diamond broker in the 1980s. At the time, he says, there wasmillion, on the only a page or so for gemologypremise thatstudents to read through about fancy colored diamonds. it will appreciateHe recalls meeting with pow- in value. erful brokers, watching them Alan Bronstein, open pouches of the stones and spread them out across theNatural Color floor, their eyes aglow as theyDiamond showed off their collections likeAssociation kids in a schoolyard. Bronstein still brings thatpresidentjoy and excitement to the table. If anyone is in love and infatuated with colored diamonds, its me, he says.Looking to share his own collections with the public, Bronstein has curated museum exhibitions of natural fancy colored diamonds. The Aurora Pyramid of Hope, a collection of 296 natural colored diamonds amassed by Bronstein and fellow collector Harry Rodman, has been displayed in several museums, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and the American Museum of Natural History in New York.The diamonds weigh a combined 267.45 carats and span 12 color varieties.The exhibitions are an opportunity to bring the public into a BGK Graphicsworld that can be insular, usually reserved only for the industry ex-perts and those rich enough to afford such treasures. Please visit us at the following shows:Bronstein sees that changing as consumers become more empow-ered and the market moves toward transparency. Luxury Las Vegas - Salon LUX1113Theres only one reason to buy anything. Its because you love itMay 29 - June 3rd, 2019and because it makes you happy.JCK Las Vegas - Salon LUX1113May 31- June 3rd, 201962 West 47th Street TIONAL1508, NYN 49NA , SuiteJEWELERY 10036,800-522-4065info@navadee.com'