b'FINAL ANALYSISWHATS YOURFAVORITESTORE? I n the first story in this issue, This is What Innovation Looks Like, National Jeweler explored stores that dont sell jewelry. So it seemed only fitting that in wrapping up this issue, our editors asked a slew of industry professionals what their favorite non-jewelry retailers were and why. Heres what they had to say. I LOVE WARBY PARKER. IN MANY RESPECTS, IT IS THE PERSONIFICATION OF THE LESS-IS-MORE APPROACH THAT I THINK IS SO CENTRAL TO RETAIL ONGOING. I CAN PLAY WITH THE PRODUCT, THERES BREATHING ROOM AND, WHILE IT HAS A MODERN FEEL TO IT, THE ATMOSPHERE IS ALSO WARM AND WELCOMING.PETER SMITH, MMOIRE (Photo courtesy of Warby Parker)Kith in SoHo [New York City] is alwaysIm really a Nordstrom packed and exciting. They have cool displaysgirl. I have a fabulous and it is easy to see a huge selection of shoes.sales associate who knows me and The sales staff can use their phones to checkmy style, and makes it work with my what sizes they have available in back byschedule. I also love their Pop-Ins. scanning the bar code on the shoe. Step inTheyre always creative, fun and offer there and youll know retail is not dead.something I didnt know I needed. John Henne, Henne JewelersLisa Bridge, Ben Bridge JewelerTHE DYSON STORE IN NEW YORK REPRESENTS A TRULY INNOVATIVE SPIRIT. HAIR DRYERS AND VACUUM CLEANERS ARE THE LAST PRODUCTS THAT ONE WOULD EXPECT TO BE THE STARS OF A FIFTH AVENUE STORE, AND YET THE BRAND HAS SUCCEEDED IN REIMAGINING EVERYDAY GOODS AND PUSHING PRODUCT (Photo courtesy of Dyson)PERFORMANCE TO NEW HEIGHTS.AMISH SHAH, ALTR68 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2019'