6 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2017 letter from the publisher I asked my friend Dave Siminski of United Precious Metals Refining what his company did when they received pieces that were unusual or antique-looking and, maybe, had some additional val- ue because of craftsmanship or when they were made. “We melt them,” was his succinct and immediate response. What, at first, sounded harsh to me made sense the more I thought about it. Sometimes, things that are old and seem valuable need to be scrapped so that something new and wonderful can be made. The metal in those old pieces is melted and refined so designers like Malak Atut and Julie Romanenko can create something new and move our industry forward, one piece at a time. I feel we have reached a moment in our industry’s development where we must be brave enough to scrap some of our long-standing methods and philosophies. Our industry hit a record-high number in sales last year, and online sales were a big part of that. It has become clear that it is not enough to embrace the internet; the jewelry industry must innovate through it, while also continuing to improve the in-store experience for consumers. Many of the companies in this issue have done both and should be applauded and, more importantly, emulated. However, an idea that has been around a long time, has been a bit abandoned lately and that should not be scrapped is the idea that we are all in this together. When I started in this industry in manufacturing and as a road rep, the retailers I serviced treated me as a partner in the sales process and I treated them the same. We’ve lost some of that these past few years. If our industry is going to be truly healthy, and the increase in overall sales is going to benefit everyone, working together will be at the heart of it. Without us all supporting each other and instead trying to do only what’s best for ourselves, we will end up with nothing. Is success at all costs still success? Maybe it’s an old-fashioned and slightly naïve sentiment, but, as much as it was a key to the past growth of the jewelry business, mutually beneficial relationships are the key to its future as well. We ARE all in this together. Things can transform, yes, but what is old can also be new again, without drastic change. The State of the Majors is like that. It was an industry staple for a long time before it went on hiatus. When we brought it back last year, we updated the information on the “$100 Million Supersellers” and “Top 50 Retail Jewelry Chains” by store count lists but changing their content was never up for serious discussion. They are the core of what makes this issue work. It wouldn’t exist without them. It also would not exist without the hard work of Michelle Graff, Brecken Branstrator, Ashley Davis, Danielle Max, Edahn Golan, Peggy Jo Donahue (who pulled double duty this year doing research and copy editing) Molly Fallon, Susie Biddle, Bhupal Potdar and Lauren Thompson. 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